BabySentry (BBS) is the leading Management System for the Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) workplace.

Our expert system is designed as a central database Electronic Medical Record (EMR) with multiple adapted interfaces linked to hospital info systems, lab info systems, referrals, third-party software and national registries.
Patients reach is supported via a web portal or a modern smartphone app.
Modules are structured to cover all functionalities of ART for inclusive treatment types in support of Women Health.
A proven track record spanning over 20 years now, across 5 continents with 2050+ licensed users.

A few concerns of modern ART

  • Built-in
  • In Dev
  • CE Accredit

    Continued education staff accreditation.
  • App

    Smartphone Patient Mobile App interface.
  • Data Cntr.

    Interface to Hospital Information Data Center.
  • Market

    Market ranking and referral sources.
  • Ref Lab

    Interface to external referral labs.
  • Supply

    Traceability for consumable supplies.
  • Pharma

    Pharmaceutical and medications outcomes.
  • Fund

    Interface to third-party billing.
  • Innovate

    Scientific content incorporated in continuous version updates.
  • Patient

    Patient communication tools: email, SMS, Smartphone App, web portal.
  • ART

    Complete ART SOPs.
  • Languages

    Multilanguage platform.
  • Footprint

    Support for multi-site clinics.
  • Security

    Embedded staff hierarchy and audit trail reporting.
  • Compliance

    Regulatory compliance for HIPAA, CAP, OCHA, and FDA agencies.
  • Facility

    Under construction
  • HR

    Scheduler management of staff availability.
  • Research

    Dashboard and custom design of statistics with export functionality.
  • Legal

    Consents management tool.
  • Rank

    Performance improvements and registry data ranking.
  • Insurance

    Embedded information for outbound messages and billing interfaces.
  • Efficient

    Improved output in staff and processes.
  • Plan

    Custom-designed treatment plans.
  • Partner

    Multi-centric data warehousing capability.
  • QC

    Quality control and cycle outcomes.
  • Service

    Patient admissions services and kiosks.
  • Public

    Publish annual stats for public awareness campaigns.
  • Soc. Med

    On-demand patients record sharing from mobile app.
  • Technical

    Cutting edge systems performance and platform versatility.
  • Comm

    Multiple communication platforms for sharing instructions, notification, and records.
  • COO

    Chief Operations Officer bird’s-eye view of clinic data.
  • AI

    Artificial Intelligence readiness.

What We Offer

2 decades of cumulative know-how from world-renowned clinics to you
  • 1 universal version with an ongoing evolving business logic from world-renowned references.
  • A core product with multiple interfaces and optional modules to fit any practice, ranging in size from 5 basic users to the largest Enterprise Edition of 100s of concurrent users and scientists, across multiple sites.
  • A robust architecture backbone coupled with sound business analysis.
  • Expert training curriculum supported by extensive help manuals.

Highlights at a Glance

  • Patient

  • Calendar

  • Male

  • Female

  • Trt Plan

  • ART Cycle

  • Cryo

  • Genetic

  • OB

  • Stats

  • Accounts

  • Timeline

An elaborate integration

Endorsed by experience

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