Patient Portal | Check-In

Patient Portal

An online tool designed for in and out patients registering over the internet. A special Scheduler access is available to view or request appointments. A History Questionnaire synchronized with BBS Male and Female History can be completed online. Patients’ files and lab results are also posted to review.

Staff Portal

All BBS users are also entitled to navigate over a web browser to View, Insert, Update or Delete on the screens as a function of the database administrator. In other words, staffers will use all BBS functions remotely.

Doctors’ Portal

Doctors registered in BBS and newly unregistered doctors access this section. This Portal allows them to view their schedule, search and add new patients, submit a Patient’s Treatment Plan and review patients’ results and files.

DICOM Ultrasound

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine.
DICOM is a standard for handling, storing, printing, and transmitting information in medical imaging.
Includes a file format definition and a network communications protocol.
DICOM differs from other data formats in that it groups information into data sets. That means that a file actually contains the patient ID within the file, so that the image can never be separated from this information by mistake.

The communication protocol is an application protocol that uses TCP/IP to communicate between systems.
DICOM enables the integration of scanners, servers, workstations, printers, and network hardware from multiple manufacturers into a picture archiving and communication system. The different devices come with DICOM conformance statements which clearly state the DICOM classes they support.
BBS utilizes a DICOM interface to ultrasound machines or other sources of imagery.
Please refer to dicom.nema.org for more details.

HL7 interfaces | HIS, LIS…

HL7 is an international community of healthcare subject matter experts and information scientists collaborating to create standards for the exchange, management and integration of electronic healthcare information.

BBS utilizes HL7 interfaces to provide seamless connection to Hospital Information Systems and other 3rd party software, referral labs and other.
Hospital Info Systems successfully linked to date:

Some of the supported message types include: ADT, SIUS, DFT, BAR, ORM, ORU…

Please refer to www.HL7.org for more details.

Analyzer Interfaces

Provides seamless connections to over 500 lab analyzers now on the market. Operations' principle:

Device Manager

Licensed per instrument requiring connection to the DB.
A 1 time fee is applicable.
Please contact support@babysentry.com for a list of supported connections.

Directional Messaging

Analyzers may be connected uni- or bi-directional to BBS.
In uni-directional format, results are automatically downloaded on BBS.
In bi-directional interface, patient demographics and order details are loaded onto the analyzer electronically then results are downloaded back.

Quality Assurance

User-defined selection on all ART cycle criteria.
Query of cycle counts and performance per staff:

  • Age Groups

  • Cycles

  • Retrievals

  • Transfers

  • Pregnancies

  • Births

Listing of all cycle data.
Export functionality and reporting tool.


For multi-site clinics, BabySentry allows for a default site or multiple sites.
Sites may be specified and assigned per user or per patient.
A unique central DB is used in that setup.
The logged-in user will ONLY be able to access patients belonging to his/her site(s).
Workstations are also assigned sites for ease of navigation.

Mail Merge

BBS offers a map of fields to incorporate in user-defined MS Word templates. This allows for a complete customization of printable reports to the desired output content.


The following are supported BBS registries:

Listing of all cycle data.
Export functionality and reporting tool.

Query Builder

A user-defined query builder with complete access to the database structure. Simplifying the definition of selection criteria or applying filters then exporting queried results to programs such as Excel, SPSS…

Time Lapse

Bi-directional interface between time lapse incubators and BBS embryology.
Supports Geri | QBox IVF middleware:

  • Outbound:
    - Patient Details.
    - Fertility, retrieval and thaw results.
    - Retrieval and thaw schedules.

  • Inbound:
    - Device logs.
    - Incubation, embryo scores and disposition, annotations.
    - Procedures witnessing.

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