Are you looking for a basic package to suit your small activity?

BBS is a fertility database management system, intended for ART clinical or laboratory data sharing and imagery. It is a central information tool, storing general patient identification details along with diagnostic findings, as well as all tests and procedures that are typically performed in an ART environment.

Our approach advocates covering all the bases because more than one professional are involved in the day to day operation of the ART clinic. A smooth workflow is guaranteed by interconnecting all workstations. We cater to the admission office, the nurses, the lab and its embryology component, the doctor's office, the ultrasound room, the counselors, the national registry and all other supports. This system is designed for the next decade, to provide a fully integrated solution, personalized and easy to use.

Do you simply want to know about our Basic Pack?

The Basic Pack software includes:
  • One stand-alone 5-user license.
  • Six important sections along with snapshots, video recording, detailed reports, letters to patients' referring physicians, and much more.
  • Personal Demographics
  • Male Investigations
  • Female Investigations
  • ART
  • Cryopreservation
  • Statistics
Your clinic may expand this small package to a full Enterprise Edition with additional users if needed. Optional added features are available and may be found in the section above… Please refer to our SimCity section for more details.